Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Daikaiju roars! Pitchfork cowers in fear!

Streaming: an MP3 jukebox of Daikaiju songs

Huntsville, AL (home to Redstone Arsenal and our intern, Jeff) has whipped up something good, and it ain't no rocket! Daikaiju, a monstrous chimera of furious instrumental rock, has charmed the pants off Pitchfork Media, scoring a 7.8 from them! Joe Tangari from The Fork had this to say:
Daikaiju is an impressive full-length debut for a band that's clearly got more up its sleeve than a few Trashmen 45s and tablature print-outs for "Rabble Rouser". The thing with the masks and stage names like Secret Asian Man and Brain Conflict is frankly little more than a distracting sideshow to the main event, which is of course the band's massive wave of prime surf. Grab your board.
More than just a so-called "theme band," Daikaiju has some serious chops and songwriting smarts. Word on the street has it that Daikaiju is heading in a more "prog" direction. Good. Someone needs to show those Mars Volta punks how it's done.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moonlight Towers

Download: Moonlight Towers--"I Sleep Alone"

Here is a nifty slab of rock classicism from Moonlight Towers, one of Austin's more exciting new(-ish) prospects. What I like about it is that the guys in Moonlight Towers wear their influences on their sleeves, but don't resort to rote regurgitation of old styles. I detect a bit of Memphis rock in there (Big Star et al.) which always pleases me to no end. And they like Badfinger, which is always a plus. Ham and, those two never got any credit. Which is probably why they hung themselves.

Anyway, "I Sleep Alone" is a great rocker and worthy of some megabytes on your hard drive.

And a few of the Towers are from the "Golden Triangle" area of Mississippi, where I went to college. In West Point, MS, they have this truck stop there called the Tin Lizzie where I once ate a country-fried steak that was too big for my 12" plate! It hung over the sides! Oof...I'm still paying for that one.

If you're ever in West Point, MS, got Anthony's and get the stuffed primed rib. Maybe the best steak I've ever had.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Troy's Mix Tape of Love

Thanks to Henry for turning us on to this gem.

Team Clermont Publicity's iTunes--the first 20

Here are the first 20 I've bought on iTunes here at the office (in the order of purchase):

  1. U2-"Vertigo"
  2. Beyonce-"Crazy in Love"
  3. Tweet & Missy Elliott-"Oops (Oh My)"
  4. The Temptations-"Let Your Hair Down"
  5. Edwin Starr-"25 Miles"
  6. James Brown-"Funky Drummer, Pts. 1 & 2"
  7. Sly & The Family Stone-"You Can Make It If You Try"
  8. The Commodores-"Machine Gun"
  9. Wham!-"Last Christmas"
  10. Air Supply-"Making Love Out of Nothing At All"
  11. Neil Diamond-"Shilo"
  12. The Cyrkle-"Red Rubber Ball"
  13. Gregory Abbott-"Shake You Down"
  14. Atlantic Starr-"Always"
  15. Queen & David Bowie-"Under Pressure"
  16. Edwin Starr-"Stop the War Now"
  17. Fleetwood Mac-"What Makes You Think You're the One"
  18. Fleetwood Mac-"Silver Springs"
  19. Arcade Fire-"No Cars Go"
  20. Rick Astley-"Never Gonna Give You Up"
Okay. Let's go through them together, shall we? I like U2, so I wanted to hear that single...still have never bought the record. I figured I had to break down and get "Crazy in Love" and "Oops (Oh My)" sometime in lieu of buying the actual albums, so iTunes came through in a big way. "Let Your Hair Down" is the @#$%-ing jam, as is "25 Miles," but thus begins a disturbing trend in this list: me buying songs I already own at home! I have every Sly album and I have "Machine Gun" on, like, six comps. I have every Wham! album, too (don't laugh)! I actually didn't think I owned "Making Love Out of Nothing at All," but I did. "Shilo" I needed b/c my band was covering it.

"Always" was THE slow jam in Junior High and, I don't know, I just wanted to hear "Under Pressure." I love The Cyrkle and torture the interns with "Shake You Down" (Ah well a-well). I already own those Fleetwood Mac songs, so why did I buy them? Of course that same question should really be asked of my Rick Astley purchase. Sigh.

More to come...

A little something-something to turn some heads

As this is a blog in its infancy, we need to post something that will generate some heat, so we bring you this beauty, taken after a poorly-attended, poorly-played, and sweltering hot Big Gray show at the Caledonia. That would be me, the third from the left with the glasses, the chest hair (oh, wait..that's pretty much everybody), and intermediate stage male pattern baldness., Jon is just to my right, in the front, holding a beer and looking considerably more in shape than me. Wipe up the drool, ladies!

Fine China!

Download: Fine China--"Don't Frown"

I love this band. I love the opening guitar riff; it has a real Bernard Sumner/PCL-thing going on, and, well, I'm a New Order junkie (I cringe at that part in Shaun of the Dead where Ed throws the "Blue Monday" 12" at the zombies). One of the reasons that I think Fine China is so successful at this brand of 80s-influenced pop is that they're taking the right elements--strong, melodic bass lines, for one--from early new wave and the Britpop of the era, leaving the chintzy stuff and the posturing to other bands (*cough* the Bravery *cough*). thinks so, too:

While the recycling of 80's British post-punk has been fashionable for some time now, there are very few present-day bands that have been able to inject anything new into the genre that gave us everything from Gang Of Four to Joy Division to The Smiths (just to name some of the most imitated). That a band from Arizona would be able to channel these considerable influences from over two decades ago and then deliver an album that is good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside them may sound preposterous, but that's exactly what has happened with Fine China's new album The Jaws Of Life.

Make sure that you check out Fine China's new album, The Jaws of Life, out now on Common Wall Media. This "band from Arizona" has reawakened the slumbering Anglophile in me, I tell you! And this time around, I won't buy any Menswe@r records!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Let there be lye!

The excellent, and often contentious, Athens, GA culture blog, The Day Jobs, hipped me to this picture. I'm going to go pour lye into my eyes now.

I feel like I'm being punished for sins I have not yet committed. Like in Minority Report, but without cars that drive themselves and jet packs.

The Kallikak Family

Download: "Second Phase" by The Kallikak Family

Anxious to hear that record by The Kallikak Family that Pitchfork and Dusted have been talking about? Well, go ahead and check out "Second Phase" above, and then go buy your own copy and dig the awesomeness that is May 23, 2007. Unfortunately, this is not really the type of album that reveals itself in one track, but this will give you an idea what some of the more ambient aspects of the record are all about. We here at Team C really can't say enough good things about this gem, and are pleased as can be that it's been so well received up to this point. In addition, why not check out Kallikak's label, San Fran based Tell-All Records; they're living the dream.

Bottom of the Hudson and the Holiday Machine

Download: Bottom of the Hudson--"Holiday Machine"

Is August the only month of the year without a major holiday? I can't think of any big ones...

Okay. Here's where I insert my witty segue about holidays and somehow tie it to the Bottom of the Hudson Holiday Machine EP on Absolutely Kosher.'s early and I'm out of segues. Well, it's a mighty fine EP; Entertainment Weekly called the title track (see above) a "sprawling triumph." Pitchfork Media gave the EP a 7.2, which, in the Rolling Stone scale, translates to three and a half stars and some change. Not too shabby!

Bottom of the Hudson is Eli Simon and a regular cast of characters. BOTH has been on something of a hot streak lately, purveying one-man indie rock the way it used to be. I think the guy is a pop genius (yes, genius) in the making. See for yourself!

Also, peep the review of John "Cage Match" Vanderslice's new one, Pixel Revolt, on Pitchfork today while you're at it. An 8.3! That's 4 stars plus in RS terms!

For the record, Peter Travers called me a "rollercoaster thrill ride!"

Thursday, August 25, 2005

EW on Amestory: Seth Cohen, are you listening?

Download: "Constants" by Amestory

From Thousand Oaks, CA comes Amestory, purveyors of supremely well-orchestrated emotional (not emo!) indie rock. When we were discussing this record in the office, someone (I think it was Melodie) said that this album should be on the indefatigable Fox hit The O.C. It was meant in the best possible way (i.e. the Death Cab way, not the Rooney way). Apparently, Entertainment Weekly agrees:

"Constants" by Amestory has everything you could want in an indie rock song: piano, violin, ethereal synths, a plucky acoustic guitar, and, most important, raspy melancholic vocals. Yeah, he sounds a little like Jeremy Enigk, but nowadays, who doesn't? Expect to hear it when/if Ryan and Marissa break up on The O.C.
Am I the only one that thinks that Ryan is a lot more fun when Marissa's not around? I wish she and her ex-girlfriend from the bar would just go get wasted somewhere and forget how to find their way back to the show, sparing us more of her wooden Canadian Valley Girl antics.

No matter. Amestory is amazing, and you can download a free MP3 of "Constants" by following this link or visiting the EW story (be sure to leave a comment or two!).


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