Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Daikaiju roars! Pitchfork cowers in fear!

Streaming: an MP3 jukebox of Daikaiju songs

Huntsville, AL (home to Redstone Arsenal and our intern, Jeff) has whipped up something good, and it ain't no rocket! Daikaiju, a monstrous chimera of furious instrumental rock, has charmed the pants off Pitchfork Media, scoring a 7.8 from them! Joe Tangari from The Fork had this to say:
Daikaiju is an impressive full-length debut for a band that's clearly got more up its sleeve than a few Trashmen 45s and tablature print-outs for "Rabble Rouser". The thing with the masks and stage names like Secret Asian Man and Brain Conflict is frankly little more than a distracting sideshow to the main event, which is of course the band's massive wave of prime surf. Grab your board.
More than just a so-called "theme band," Daikaiju has some serious chops and songwriting smarts. Word on the street has it that Daikaiju is heading in a more "prog" direction. Good. Someone needs to show those Mars Volta punks how it's done.

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