Monday, August 29, 2005

Fine China!

Download: Fine China--"Don't Frown"

I love this band. I love the opening guitar riff; it has a real Bernard Sumner/PCL-thing going on, and, well, I'm a New Order junkie (I cringe at that part in Shaun of the Dead where Ed throws the "Blue Monday" 12" at the zombies). One of the reasons that I think Fine China is so successful at this brand of 80s-influenced pop is that they're taking the right elements--strong, melodic bass lines, for one--from early new wave and the Britpop of the era, leaving the chintzy stuff and the posturing to other bands (*cough* the Bravery *cough*). thinks so, too:

While the recycling of 80's British post-punk has been fashionable for some time now, there are very few present-day bands that have been able to inject anything new into the genre that gave us everything from Gang Of Four to Joy Division to The Smiths (just to name some of the most imitated). That a band from Arizona would be able to channel these considerable influences from over two decades ago and then deliver an album that is good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside them may sound preposterous, but that's exactly what has happened with Fine China's new album The Jaws Of Life.

Make sure that you check out Fine China's new album, The Jaws of Life, out now on Common Wall Media. This "band from Arizona" has reawakened the slumbering Anglophile in me, I tell you! And this time around, I won't buy any Menswe@r records!


Lars said...

you guys promised me a copy of this record. what gives?

Team Clermont Lucas said...

Don't worry, Lars. Stop by our office!