Friday, August 26, 2005

The Kallikak Family

Download: "Second Phase" by The Kallikak Family

Anxious to hear that record by The Kallikak Family that Pitchfork and Dusted have been talking about? Well, go ahead and check out "Second Phase" above, and then go buy your own copy and dig the awesomeness that is May 23, 2007. Unfortunately, this is not really the type of album that reveals itself in one track, but this will give you an idea what some of the more ambient aspects of the record are all about. We here at Team C really can't say enough good things about this gem, and are pleased as can be that it's been so well received up to this point. In addition, why not check out Kallikak's label, San Fran based Tell-All Records; they're living the dream.

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