Monday, August 29, 2005

A little something-something to turn some heads

As this is a blog in its infancy, we need to post something that will generate some heat, so we bring you this beauty, taken after a poorly-attended, poorly-played, and sweltering hot Big Gray show at the Caledonia. That would be me, the third from the left with the glasses, the chest hair (oh, wait..that's pretty much everybody), and intermediate stage male pattern baldness., Jon is just to my right, in the front, holding a beer and looking considerably more in shape than me. Wipe up the drool, ladies!

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Nelson Wells said...

Actually, Lucas, in the fabulous 7 photo (the 7 nude men at the Caledonia), or was it Stankadonia that Jeff called it?- anyway, Jon is to the right of you (l to r) or "on your left". Gosh! (Pedro for President) You wouldn't want the ladies thinking he was that poor sap on your right. or is that your left. ah well good work on posting NUDE MEN on an indie rock music blog relating to Team Clermont < > . Now I just feel sad that this will forever be my first post to the Team blog. How sad. I must go redeem myself by listening to The Kallikak Family and reading War & Peace while making a toe bracelet. fair the well.