Monday, August 29, 2005

Team Clermont Publicity's iTunes--the first 20

Here are the first 20 I've bought on iTunes here at the office (in the order of purchase):

  1. U2-"Vertigo"
  2. Beyonce-"Crazy in Love"
  3. Tweet & Missy Elliott-"Oops (Oh My)"
  4. The Temptations-"Let Your Hair Down"
  5. Edwin Starr-"25 Miles"
  6. James Brown-"Funky Drummer, Pts. 1 & 2"
  7. Sly & The Family Stone-"You Can Make It If You Try"
  8. The Commodores-"Machine Gun"
  9. Wham!-"Last Christmas"
  10. Air Supply-"Making Love Out of Nothing At All"
  11. Neil Diamond-"Shilo"
  12. The Cyrkle-"Red Rubber Ball"
  13. Gregory Abbott-"Shake You Down"
  14. Atlantic Starr-"Always"
  15. Queen & David Bowie-"Under Pressure"
  16. Edwin Starr-"Stop the War Now"
  17. Fleetwood Mac-"What Makes You Think You're the One"
  18. Fleetwood Mac-"Silver Springs"
  19. Arcade Fire-"No Cars Go"
  20. Rick Astley-"Never Gonna Give You Up"
Okay. Let's go through them together, shall we? I like U2, so I wanted to hear that single...still have never bought the record. I figured I had to break down and get "Crazy in Love" and "Oops (Oh My)" sometime in lieu of buying the actual albums, so iTunes came through in a big way. "Let Your Hair Down" is the @#$%-ing jam, as is "25 Miles," but thus begins a disturbing trend in this list: me buying songs I already own at home! I have every Sly album and I have "Machine Gun" on, like, six comps. I have every Wham! album, too (don't laugh)! I actually didn't think I owned "Making Love Out of Nothing at All," but I did. "Shilo" I needed b/c my band was covering it.

"Always" was THE slow jam in Junior High and, I don't know, I just wanted to hear "Under Pressure." I love The Cyrkle and torture the interns with "Shake You Down" (Ah well a-well). I already own those Fleetwood Mac songs, so why did I buy them? Of course that same question should really be asked of my Rick Astley purchase. Sigh.

More to come...

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