Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's a nice day.

Download: Ham1--"Alice's Call"

You'll hear more about Ham1 around these parts as the weeks roll on, but I will say that Ham1 is one of my favorite Athenian bands, the brainchild of Jim Willingham, a local teacher and one of the best guys you'll ever meet. Flagpole Magazine's Gordon Lamb had this to say about Ham1 this week:
The only safe thing to assume is that Willingham's teen-age years saw him devouring a wide array of independent American records and had him keep a particular focus on those incorporating weird uses of musical space, country music, four-chord pop and homespun ensembles. It's this rough roadmap that works best when attempting to chart Ham-1.
I think of Ham1 was some sort of slightly scratchy radio broadcast from a fantastical America. And for a Southern artists, the music is remarkably dusty and Western. I picked this song because it befits the day itself: gorgeous, breezy, but a tad wistful.

The wistfulness probably comes from my being trapped behind this computer when I should be outside--I don't know--throwing a frisbee around or something. That's what people do on gorgeous days, right?


Mame said...

If you're a hippie you do.

Satisfied '75 said...

nice. listening now.