Friday, September 09, 2005

Ninja High School

Download: Ninja High School -- "By Purpose Not By Plan (Sex Nerds Mix)"

What's that you say? There's not enough 'positive hardcore dance rap bands' out there these days? Well fear not, friend, Ninja High School is here to fill that former void in your innermost being. These characters are from that musical hotbed to the North known to most as Toronto. NHS's debut full-length Young Adults Against Suicide, will be released in early November on the venerable German label, Tomlab Records (The Books, Patrick Wolf, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone). While Ninja High School is white and does rap, any comparisons to the Beastie Boys are at best a lazy starting point. Further reflection on the group's sound reveals a multitude of musical influences and touchstones that are not as immediately apparent such as Beat Happening, Public Enemy, and Minor Threat. Well known in their hometown for raucous live shows, perhaps if we all bug Ninja High School and Tomlab we can get this crew down into the U.S. for some dates.

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