Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Paul Duncan on Hometapes

Download: "In A Way" by Paul Duncan
Download: "Oil In The Fields" by Paul Duncan

One of the better shows we saw this year at CMJ 2005 (which was an old-fashioned hammjamm, by the way) was one by Mr. Paul Duncan, who--I will boldly declare!--is about to release one of the best records of the year, Be Careful What You Call Home. Surely no record has worn out my iPod as much as his has. Besides being on one of the sexiest labels out there, Miami's Hometapes (home to great bands like The Caribbean as well), Paul spent some time in Atlanta and Savannah, so he's good people as far as us Georgians are concerned!

He's really knocked it out of the park with this new record and these two tracks available for download barely scratch the surface (though "Oil In The Fields" is a real monster). At times a superior songwriter in the vein of Nick Drake or Smog, at other times a superb ambient/experimental craftsman like Eno, Paul somehow manages to balance these two spheres of his existence with a surefootedness that's remarkable. I mean, I really could go on and on here, but it'll just get more and more pretentious, something that Paul is most definitely not. You ever have one of those records that you love so much but have a hard time explaining? This is one of those instances.

The Hometapes website also features unreleased tracks and something from his first album. Absorb it like a sponge.

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