Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Amestory: Band of the Day!

Our good friends at SPIN Magazine have deemed Amestory worthy of Band Of The Day status, of which the band is most deserving. It's pretty fancy stuff, with downloads, tour dates, and all kinds of newfangledness. And check that hot photo! Here are those tour dates for those of you scared of links:

10/5, Bellingham, WA (The Coat Exchange)
10/7, Provo, UT (Starry Nights)
10/8, Omaha, NE (Caffeine Dreams)
10/11, Pittsburgh, PA (Point Park University)
10/12, Bronxville, NY (Sarah Lawrence College)
10/13, Washington DC (Café Mawonaj)
10/15, Gloucester, MA (Gloucester Artspace)
10/16, Washington, DC (The Warehouse Next Door)
10/19, Springfield, MO (The Burgandy Room)
10/23, San Antonio, TX (The Sanctuary)
10/25, Santa Fe, NM (The Halfrack)


craig said...

great blog, why other companies haven't hopped on the bandwagon is beyond me especially since you are profiling artists you rep and some that you don't. lends some degree of believability to the proceedings

someone at Clermont sent me three cds which I will now thankyou for. one of them is Amestory which I've written about in the past and will write about on Songs:Illinois in the near future (like next week). thanks for the service keep em coming (past clermont artists I've written about include apollo sunshine and California Wurlitzer - you know who I mean?!)


Team Clermont Lucas said...

Thanks, Craig! I love Songs: Illinois. We have you on our regular list now, so you should get everything of ours (from the publicity dept. at least).