Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Anti-Social Music

Download (well, stream actually) a number of songs and videos here

Man, Lucas is really falling down on the job here. But hey, we'll cut him some slack as he's at the doctor getting all sorts of unpleasant things done to him. With Lucas sporting the latest trends in backless clothing at the moment, I will provide something of an update for The Cropper. Today, we're featuring the New York City based collective, Anti-Social Music.

Unfortunately, I am not the most articulate person and I probably won't do the project justice, but Anti-Social is essentially a group of musicians creating contemporary chamber music, but who are influenced by the approach and work ethic of punk and other DIY formats. This influence is not surprising considering the group has drawn from a wide variety of musicians that are active in more 'rockin' genres. Past and present Anti-Social Performers are involved with such other acts as: the Hold Steady, Ida, dalek, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gang Gang Dance, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Jenny Toomey & Jon Langford, Elliot Sharp, Gutbucket, Balkan Box Beat, and Alarm Will Sound.

Anti-Social Music is devoted to exposing the world to new music that is being composed today outside of the somewhat stuffy confines that people normally associate with the 'classical music world'. Anti-Social member Franz Nicolay concisely states the collective's purpose in the following quote:

Contemporary chamber music is the new frontier in socially unacceptable music for the youth of today...I mean, I like the punk rock, I play the punk rock, but the punk rock has lost its cachet as something to offend your parents and annoy your friends. I encourage the punk rockers of the world to explore the new anti-social music.

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