Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Great weekend.

Some of us Team C.-ers saw a reconstituted REM (featuring Bill Berry) play a short, slightly-sloppy-but-fun set of older songs--the newest was "The One I Love" if that tells you anything--at Kingpins here in Athens for DeWitt and Jackie's wedding reception. Wow. It was just one of those moments where you couldn't believe it was happening. And this coming a night after a transcendent Gang of Four show (also featuring Michael Stipe and Vanessa from Pylon)! Great weekend. Just thought I'd share. Or gloat. Or both.

Also, Georgia killed Tennessee. I wanna kiss Thomas Brown.


Anonymous said...

Lucky. Maybe you should change your name to Luck-ass. Meeting me was the best part of your weekend though, right?

Anonymous said...

p.s., Thomas Brown is an unofficial member of Team Brown.

Anonymous said...

When I read about REM (on cnn no less) I wondered if any of y'all got to go. I'm glad someone I know saw the show.

- hud

Big Gray said...

Hud...drop me a line when you can! Lucas [at] teamclermont.com. Also, Jared, Thomas Brown can be an official member if you guys are the leaders, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey, why not? Done.

Nate said...


What's this Kingpin place all about?