Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Odds and sods

Thousand Oaks, CA orchestral rock band, Amestory, has a tour blog up right here. Lots of nifty pictures and stuff, including hints of gastrointestinal problems brought on by White Castle. Ewww!

Looks like the boys are having a good time.

Pitchfork gave Ninja High School's Young Adults Against Suicide a 7.0 today! That's 3 and a half stars in the Rolling Stone system to put it into perspective. Personally, I'd give the record yellow stars, blue diamonds, and pink moons.

Speaking of Pitchfork, the Day Jobs has this handy-dandy Pitchfork Review Generator for your enjoyment. My first review generated was for a band called The Blonde Breakers. Their album was called Goodnight, Self-Titled Albums.

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