Monday, November 14, 2005

Dance Class Revolution

Download: Listing Ship -- "Ichabod Crane"

Download: Listing Ship -- "Chinese Song"

Listing Ship is a bit of an odd band, but I mean that in the best possible way. Heather Lockie and Lyman Chaffee, the principals behind the band, are willing to try just about anything on LS's new album, Time To Dream. The record primarily consists of bucolic, slightly psychedelic folk-pop, but, as it goes on, the genre-hopping/-bending gets more pronounced and there are a couple of awesome freak-outs. Expert string player Lockie (she plays with Arthur Lee and eels among others) does a lion's share of the singing, but Chaffee shows up for a few hot tracks, as well. The two tracks available for download here are two of the album's more "normal" songs and also two of the album's best.

What's really funny is that I hear all of these disparate influences like the Softies, Richard and Linda Thompson (and Fairport Convention), and others, but whenever I ask the band members about them, they have no idea what I'm talking about. Sometimes good bands just happen, you know? There isn't some musicological line that can be traced.

Right here is where I should insert some sort of nautical pun.

Another psych-out of a post brought to you by the guys and gals of Team Clermont.

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L said...

Softies, Richard and Linda Thompson - Yes I agree, but a wholly original sound too. Love the record- just discovered it. nice write-up.