Thursday, November 17, 2005


Some of our pals have been getting some great press recently.

Peep this Ham1 review by Ed Masley in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Self-released by Athens, Ga., schoolteacher Jim Willingham with drums by Olivia Tremor Controller Eric Harris, "Ham 1" kicks off with the quirky indie-pop of "Pop Song for a Funeral" before winding its way through several tracks of offbeat incidental music, a handful of rockers that bristle with raucous post-Guided By Voices abandon, tender indie ballads, one track that's practically psychobilly and a country-flavored waltz called "Floorida." It doesn't sound like something that should hold together as an album, but it does, if in part because Willingham's vocals and lyrics are as offbeat as the music.

Not bad, no? You can go to Ham1's website and check out his whole record. Drop Jim a line and buy a record from him while you're at it.

In other news, Ninja High School was a Band Of The Day! You know what to do: go here and vote for them (giving them a well-deserved A+, no doubt). Also, check out one of their best songs, "Shake It Off".

The Weather Machines
(who you will hear more about soon) were featured on Six Eyes the other day and given a very strong review (8 out of 10!). Check out this hot track: "Modern Text On Love"

This South Dakota band is gonna tear it up. I swear. I love good power-pop.

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