Tuesday, November 08, 2005

God Bless the Capes

Streaming: Hello by the Capes

Man, I've seen these cats lately more than I've seen my own parents, and the Capes are from the UK?! It seems as though some of them have taken a shine to Athens and are determined to visit here often on their seemingly interminable US tour. Why, Richie and Kris were here just yesterday. Nice fellas.

And they can write some mighty catchy songs, too, somewhere between the new wave of British pop (the Futureheads, Franz Ferdinand, etc.)--but more sincere--and American indie rock of the 90s, the good stuff. The first song on their new record Hello, "Mexican Broads," is a straight-up Pavement homage that actually gets what made Pavement so great, the indolent, swaggering rhythms of both the lyrics and the music. It's a monster.

Heck, the whole record is a monster. It's a collection of singles besides the pastoral last track. They've cranked out a real winner. It's almost enough to bring me back to full-on Anglophile status. I'd been down in the dumps for quite some time.

Another sterling blog post brought to you by Team Clermont.

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