Monday, November 21, 2005

Ian Love

Download: Ian Love -- "The Only Night"
Download: Ian Love -- "Butterfly"

I dread getting records with guys' names on them. Bill Callahan and Will Oldham were smart to go with Smog and Palace Whatevers, respectively, because it tricks people like me into thinking it's a real band. Hell, one could make the argument that the Cure is just a long-running Robert Smith solo project with regular appearances by Simon Gallup, but I still buy them as a band. There's just something about this" guy's name thing" that conjurs images of Joe Satriana-knockoffs, mat-cat-sat level folk artists, and cover artists at the American Pie in the Montgomery, AL Ramada Inn. Or worse...Dave Matthews!

I'm a jerk, I guess.

Thankfully, we need look no further than Paul Duncan, Sufjan Stevens (an interesting nameso I give it a pass), and now Ian Love to really poke holes in the, um, balloons of my prejudice (I'm too worn out for good metaphors right now).

Ian was a member of some pretty popular bands, among them Rival Schools and Cardia, but this new solo stuff marks a departure for him into the world of interesting singer-songwriters. He pretty much played everything on the record (due to be released next year) and it reflects the positive changes he's gone through recently--sobriety, a solid marriage, the birth of his daughter--in a mature, non-schmaltzy way. The production is lush and percussive and really showcase Ian's vocal range. I've heard him compared to Jeff Buckley, Adem, and even Paul Simon, but I find it fairly distinctive.

Heck, Ian's five song demo EP (available only to me and his label) is one of my favorite records of this year.

Another omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent post from Team Clermont.

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