Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IMing With The Stars: Ian Love, part 1

In this edition of IMing With The Stars!, I talk with Ian Love in his second ever use of IM software (in this case, iChat). Ian was a member of Cardia and Rival Schools, but his new solo material is quite different; it's a personal, introspective affair that reflects recent positive changes in his life: sobriety, marriage, and fatherhood. His forthcoming solo debut is a real stunner. Look for it on Limekiln Records next year. In our first conversation, Ian discusses everything from John Entwistle to his daughter to Arsenio Hall.

Grammar and punctuation have been preserved:

Ian Love: this a good time?
Me: sure
Ian Love: sweet
Me: how's your daughter?
Ian Love: shes watching calm baby. very exciting , we’re up to the itsy bitsy spider part
Me: haha
Me: I watched one of those baby einstein things with a friend's baby one time and it put me to sleep, but he loved it
Ian Love: we have all of them , they’re pretty psychedelic
Me: yeah
Me: what's that Teletubbies sequel thing?
Me: the Bubos?
Ian Love: not into it...
Me: what's it called?
Me: it's really disturbing to me

Ian Love: what?
Me: that other Teletubbies show where they spin around and dance and stuff
Me: really, really psychedelic
Ian Love: i have no idea
Me: not missing much
Ian Love: im sure
Me: so how has your daughter influenced your music?--is that one of the reasons for the more personal, introspective direction to your new stuff?
Ian Love: maybe some but a lot of the record was written before then. but some of the other songs im sure it played a part in
Ian Love: now ill write about spiders and ducks..
Me: I don't think that's such a bad idea
Ian Love: kids records are big now
Me: I mean, a lot of people have written love songs
Me: but how about truly good kids records
Me: ?
Ian Love: i have a good idea i should cover boris the spider
Me: great song
Me: I love John Entwistle
Ian Love: i have a funny story involving him but it’s to long for me to write.
Me: oh, man!
Me: don't tease me like that! you'll have to call me up and tell me about it, I guess
Me: undersung bass player in my opinion
Ian Love: i played with him once. dont ask! you know I’ve had a crazy life..
Me: whoa
Me: as Keanu would say
Ian Love: i also sat down with eddie murphy and arsineo hall once too. RANDOM
Me: oh, wow, that's amazing
Ian Love: you must think im crazy or a compulsive liar
Me: no way
Me: how could you make that up?
Ian Love: my point exactly
Me: I mean, it's not everyday that Arsenio and John Entwistle come up in the same conversation
Me: Did you play on "Party All the Time"?
Me: heh
Ian Love: i have a dennis quid story too
Me: Dennis Quaid?
Ian Love: i am party all the time
Me: haha
Me: I feel like you shouldn't be holding these back from our readers
Ian Love: i spelled quaid wrong
Ian Love: i have add i cant write long emails etc...
Me: sorry...I hope this isn't traumatic
Me: So, are you sad to have settled down?
Ian Love: for you anything lucas
Me: I don't know how people can party all the time
Ian Love: no
Ian Love: it's not easy at all..
Me: Like Hank, Jr. said, "The hangovers hurt worse than they used to"
Ian Love: that is true..
Ian Love: you just reminded me i want to cover lost on the river
Me: that's a good one
Me: I'm always thinking about cover songs, but I never learn them.
Ian Love: i love learning other peoples songs
Me: do you find that it helps you with yours, just seeing how they are constructed? I've got this Elton John songbook for piano, and some of those songs are pretty tightly wound, you know?
Me: really well-constructed.
Me: early stuff like Levon and Rocket Man
Ian Love: i dont think about it too much but as far as chord prog and such it helps i think. also it just helps as a musician?
Me: yeah, no doubt
Me: previous "partying" ways--are you open about it to people or do you prefer not to talk about it? Your own label didn't know about some of the stuff you wrote in your bio
Me: It's quite a story
Ian Love: i dont like to talk about to much , but i made a decision with this record , bio etc.. to be more open. it is a interesting story and there is a good ending for now to it so thats nice..
Me: like, what pushed you to get straight? was there one event or was it just a gradual thing?
Me: I've always been remarkably square, so I don't know much about the process besides what I've heard from other
people and seen in movies, etc.
Ian Love: it had been leading up for a long time but i had spent all my money was stealing , selling all my stuff and wanted to die every day and on top of that i wasnt even getting high anymore so there was nothing good about it. i wanted to get clean but didnt know how to so my girlfriend confronted me and i ended up in rehab the next day. ive been clean since
Me: is that girlfriend now your wife?
Ian Love: thats the short story
Ian Love: yes
Me: that's pretty great
Ian Love: i think so
Me: I've always been bad about confronting my friends' problems
Me: I'm really backhanded, but never very direct
Ian Love: its not easy at all , have you seen that show intervension
Me: no
Ian Love: pretty intense i think its on a and e
Me: yeah?
Me: I assume they do interventions on air
Ian Love: its a reality intervention show
Ian Love: yes
Me: it's not staged or anything?
Ian Love: doesnt look like it at all... im pretty sure its reeal
Me: that's cool
Me: I hate it when they take real stuff and make a contest out of it
Me: I bet they'll have some show soon where heroin addicts compete to get off the junk fastest or something
Ian Love: i thought they would have had "kill the crackhead by now but i guess not"
Me: it's-a-coming
Ian Love: IM is kind of fun
Me: this is your second time, no?
Ian Love: yes both with you. i bought the isight camera for me and my wife so she could see the baby from work when she wants but thats all i use it for
Me: that's cool, though
Me: what does your wife do?
Ian Love: its fun
Ian Love: she works for this music producer rick wake (celine dion , jlo , mariah etc...)
Me: wow
Me: big-time!
Ian Love: im trying to move in on that market haha
Me: after Eddie Murphy, where can you go but down, though!
Ian Love: thats true dude

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