Monday, November 14, 2005

the password for Hamburger

I received this interesting passage in an email about Cialis:

blowgun and an expendable missile arrow, stone, quarrel, dart. You are not screen. In so doing, they discovered usd 70000, the password for Hamburger

received at work in the course of the day, and would be on a Innkeeper dressed in a new and handsome coat and sitting before

I love these emails and the strange poetry that arises from what, one assumes, is a bunch of monkeys typing on computer keyboards. I mean, who else would send out this spam? Is it a big money-making enterprise? Who's behind this madness?

I say...keep 'em coming. For more of these kinds of emails, go to The Leopard Does Not Change Its Spots, run by the indefatigable (but lazy) Herman J. Winterize.

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