Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Heros Severum--one of Athens' most ambitious bands

Photo by Brian McCall

Download: Heros Severum -- "Dear Fearless Leader"
Download: Heros Severum -- "Tugawar"

Heros Severum is quite possibly Athens' most ambitious band. Even in the really early days, when one of my bands was sharing a practice space with them, I knew they had something going on that was different and interesting. It's really hard to put my finger on what this band sounds like, and, let me tell you, that's a good thing in this business. Imagine the jagged energy of Fugazi combined with the oddball and eclectic compositional skill of Sly and the Family Stone and some of the lyrical obliqueness of Pavement. But that's not a great description. All I can tell you is that this bass-less wonder is a dynamite live act and have put out Plague Dogs, one of the most compelling releases I've heard in some time. Where else can you hear hand claps and doo-wop backing vocals over shredding postrock? There's a fearlessness there that's admirable and even a little scary.

Flagpole Magazine had this to say when they named Plague Dogs one of the top ten Athens records of 2005 (even though the record releases in 2006!):

If the fine folks in Heros Severum ever wanted to grow out of their spot as critical and cult darlings, Plague Dogs won’t help their case. It’s a challenging, weird and remarkable recording, destined to be discovered and appreciated by musicians for its ambitious take on punk and post-rock.

I think Flagpole is selling Heros Severum quite short, but they are right about it being a remarkable recording.

Another hi-quality act brought to you by Team Clermont!

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