Thursday, January 26, 2006

Things we are sick of right now--Team Clermont goes contentious!

--The word "curate" being used in regards to bands heading up a music festival. It's not a museum. You just wrote down a bunch of bands that you liked. Look up "pretentious" in the dictionary and you get that. Don't get us wrong...we'd love to "curate" a music festival. But you know what we'd call it? "Booking" a music festival.

--The positive feedback loop of hype surrounding We Are Scientists (and the Editors and Morningwood, for that matter). Half of the buzz surrounding these bands is about whether or not they are worthy of the buzz! Let's stop debating buzzworthiness and start debating whether or not these bands are actually, objectively good. The answer: anybody out there remember Menswe@r?

--Pitchfork bashing. We all know that they're the big dogs and everything, and, sure, they wield a lot of power. But we think that they're half as snarky as they used to be (Brent DiCrescenzo, anyone?) and are writing better reviews. They only really put out one or two slams a month. You never hear anyone bashing Tiny Mix Tapes or Stylus (and we like both sites by the way), but they are ten times snarkier and record-trashing. Pitchfork bashing is boring and tiresome.

--Steve Martin needs to stop stinking. That Pink Panther remake looks ridiculous, never mind the fact that Inspector Clouseau was a supporting character in the original. One would have hoped that the financial misfortunes of the ill-conceived Sgt. Bilko remake would have given the wily banjo player a hint. Guess not.

--Team Clermont. Who do they think they are? We hate that slouchy one with the glasses.

Man, it feels good to get that off our chests.

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like a eagle said...

you are fucking insane...
get back to work, you lazy, no-good, jackson browne / abba loving freak!

however, most of the above was true. good show.