Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Download: 13ghosts -- "The Search Party"

Download: 13ghosts -- "Robert J."

[ed. note: this marks the first post by intrepid paste-up maker, chart-enterer, and rock star Patrick Keenan]

Master of many dark styles, 13ghosts' cicada, is a truly diverse emotional masterpiece. Two songwriters Brad Armstrong and Buzz Russell challenge each other to dig up the graves of their own mysterious pasts. The album channels Smog and maybe Grandaddy pre-Sumday for a many perfect numbers. There is a country element that watches over all, but there is also some psychedelic, experimental, and maybe lounge elements at work here too. “Song from down here” is a song of praise to “sleeping in sweet Georgiagrass;” a must for any southerner with a summer evening to spare. Also check out the first "Toby Dammit" track, and, of course, the two tracks available above that are good indicators of the album's diversity.

Another rising star from The Land of Vulcan brought to you by Team Clermont.

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