Friday, February 17, 2006

Team Clermont's Song of the Week 2/17/06: inaugural edition!

A shoegazer.

Download: (the sounds of) kaleidoscope -- “New Language”

Download: (the sounds of) kaleidoscope -- “Oh My Mind”

Hello everyone! I’m pleased to announce the debut of a new feature here at Team Clermont called Team Clermont’s Song of the Week (we stayed up all night working on that one). Every week I’m going to highlight a song (or two) from a band that we like and you may not have listened to yet. All of the songs will be downloadable, of course, and many will be exclusive album tracks that probably haven’t seen the light of day yet! We hope you enjoy it!

This week, I’m sending out a song from DC noise-pop band (the sounds of) kaleidoscope. I feel like this band really has a career ahead of them, and I believe that “New Language” really demonstrates the band's strengths. It’s got powerful, multiple-guitared shoegazer choruses and pretty, peppy verses. It’s everything that I love about noise rock and shoegaze stuff rolled into one. For no extra charge I’ll throw in this other great tune, “Oh My Mind”, which also comes from the band’s new LP, From Where You Were To How You Got There.

Enjoy these album tracks from (the sounds of) kaleidoscope!

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