Friday, March 24, 2006

Music for your eyeballs.


So I've been going around looking for videos of bands we like and have found a couple for your visual/aural pleasure:

Watch: About -- "Think Niles Drink" video by Mirka Duijn

Man, this video is hot. It's so professionally done it's scary. If MTV had the you-know-what's they'd play this. The jittery look and those cloned backup singers all perfect fit the cracked electropop of the song (more on About's killer new record, Bongo, soon!).

Watch: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone -- "Young Shields" by Rubbish Films

This one is really neat and a masterful display of editing. This was one tough video to film, given the rules set forth at the beginning of the project"
1. All footage must be taken from nine different shots, each 2 minutes 59 seconds in length.
2. Each shot must be taken from a different location.
3. All footage must be shot outdoors, using only available, artificial light.
4. No script, no actors. Any persons appearing in the video must be strangers to you.
5. No stationary shots. The camera must constantly be in motion, but without zooms.
6 . No special effects, titles, or any sort of post-production treatments can be made to the images.
7. All audio must come from a single, on-location microphone.
8. All audio must be cut to match the image, without any other
audio source. hence, the song must be broadcast wherever you are filming and recorded as part of the environment.
9. The video must run for the exact length of the song.
Owen must have been in a particularly masochistic mood that day when he hired these poor guys to do it. Kidding! Also, check out this mesmerizing video for CFTPA's "Bobby Malone Comes Homes", hand-crafted (dig the Apple IIc intro!) by Dan at Said the Gramophone. It seems to be centered around exploring some tenuous connection between tennis and the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Eyeball scrubbings courtesy of Team Clermont!

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