Friday, March 24, 2006

Nancy Grace must be stopped!

This isn't germane to music in any way, but let me tell you: we strongly dislike Nancy Grace here at Team Clermont. And it takes a lot for us to diss a fellow Georgian!

Is it the hair? The trumped-up accent? The fact that she has defiled the purity of Headline News' hithertofore sacrosanct pledge to go "around the world in thirty minutes?" I think it's her frantic "will somebody please think of the children?" self-righteousness and false piety that gets to me. It's like she's the only who cares because her fiance was killed and you don't know what it's like because I was a prosecutor on the front lines and will somebody please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD think about the children for once PLEASE because they are being kidnapped RIGHT NOW and you can't miss a word of this or you will be a HORRIBLE PERSON, probably a kidnapper yourself but if you want to kidnap someone who is not PRETTY, WHITE, or FEMALE then we probably don't care.

Ugh. She stinks.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part...she's a liar.

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