Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Team Clermont's Song(s) of the Week 3/3/06: Untied States

Download: Untied States -- "It's Not Goodbye"
Download: Untied States -- "It's Not Enough"
Download: Untied States -- "My Cause Is My Curse"

This week I’m bring you song(s) from Untied States’ new one, Retail Detail. These guys are from Atlanta and really don’t sound like any ATL band in recent memory, which is definitely a good thing. Think the Birthday Party, Brainiac, Swans, Secret Chiefs 3, and Sonic Youth and you wouldn’t be too off the mark, though Untied States’ innovative and chaotic worldview is wholly unique. It’s aggressive and challenging stuff, but I find it all really enveloping and strangely beautiful. It’s great to just sink into it and let its mind-warping properties take over.

Another batch of beautiful noise brought to you by Team Clermont.

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