Wednesday, April 26, 2006

On Gregory Abbott's "Shake You Down"

"This is like the music they play in thrift stores." -- Jonathan Palmer, our intern.

I wrote a Streets song.

Me and me mates was hunting some birds
Pissed as a skunk, you know, acting like turds
And then we got drunker and drunker still
And then we drank more and more swill

And then I cried about some ephemeral, depressing thing and spouted some bar stool philosophy in a charming accent over beats.

Turn your daughter into a living's fun!

I haven't moved in weeks.


Are you tired of your beautiful daughter looking blooded and alive? Do you get sick of her being an imperfect living human being but don't have the heart to stuff her? Well, look no further! Becky Carter, digital photographer, is on the case! Before you know it, you'll have stunning portraits of your daughter as a tight-skinned, glass-eyed zombie!

Help! My mother had me polyurethaned!

Thanks to The Tofu Hut for the tip!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've been the owner of some highly questionable cassettes and even a few cassingles. Examples abound, one of the most egregious being the Color Me Badd single, I Wanna Sex You Up. The newly revamped allmusic's review of the full-length C.B.D. sure doesn't read like the 4 1/2 stars they give it. And, it's true, as a former co-worker pointed out, that having come out in 1991, which would made me 13, I should have known better by that point. But, come on, don't you remember how they all wore different colored suits?

Anyway, at this point I've purged my cassette collection of pretty much any incriminating late 80s early 90s purchases (though I don't remember doing it) and am left with a rather odd collection of grindcore mixtapes, cassette only releases from noise/extremely DIY labels, tapes picked up over the years too good to let go, and the various cassettes I purchased from thrift stores last year as I was very willfully rejecting the ipod, which I've since embraced shamelessly.

Cleaning up my room earlier today, I extracted these tapes from a cardboard box in the corner...

-David Bowie - Low
-David Bowie - Lodger
-David Bowie - Scary Monsters
-Black Sabbath - Vol. 4
-Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism (that's right, cassette)
-Led Zeppelin - III
-Love Tractor - S/T
-Love Tractor - Around The Bend (both LT albums on a 'Double Play Cassette')
-New Order - Low-Life
-Prince - Dirty Mind (contains 'when you were mine' eligible for best song ever status)
-Prince - Controversy (not his best, but damn that's a hot title track)
-The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request
-Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.

Quite the baker's dozen, eh? Not only does this list contain 3 albums from my favorite Bowie period, my favorite Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin albums, and an underrated Stones' record, but cassette is the only format I've got any of these in. I think I'll be dusting off the walkman this week.

'Cropper readers (all six of you) tell us what cassettes of yours have survived in your collection to this year of the future, 2006.

*driving home tonight, I realized that Sonic Youth, Goo has been stuck in my 1984 Honda Civic stationwagon for at least 5 years.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Team Clermont Song of the Week 4/14/06: Conner!

Download: Conner – “Cold Feelings"

Hello all! This week I’m proud to bring you one of the Midwest’s hottest new bands, Conner, from Lawrence, Kansas. These guys are a major draw in their hometown and it’s easy to see why. They’ve got great hooks, massive, sweaty riffs that put a lot of their contemporaries to shame. I really like the “Miss You”/Some Girls vibe going on here, especially in the following track, “Cold Feelings”, off the new full-length Hello Graphic Missile. I mean, this thing couldn’t be any catchier--listen to that chorus for Pete’s sake!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thee Moths!

Alex Botten = Thee Moths

Download: Thee Moths -- “Do Not Be Ashamed”

Download: Thee Moths -- “Awake! (Twenty Beats Mix)”

Download: Thee Moths -- “Land Ho!”

It’s hard to give you a sense of the entirety of Thee Moths’ new album Nature (out soon on the amazing Banazan Records) with just a few downloads, but I’ll try. It’s an album that’s equal parts man, nature, and machine. It’s buzzes, folk music, and found sound all rolled into one. It’s beautiful and warm and aggressive and distancing at once. Think Flying Saucer Attack, Charlie Tweddle, and the Microphones taking laptops into the woods together for a hammjamm. I think that Alex Botten (Thee Moths' leader) explores the same territory that Grandaddy does--the intersection of nature and technology--but does it more through his music than his lyrics. It's compelling stuff, with layers of sonorous melodies buried beneath the tics and pops.

Another one-man hammjamm brought to you by Team Clermont!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Team Clermont's Song(s) of the Week 4/7/06: About

Photo by Benham Bornak

Download: About -- “Think Niles Drink” MP3
Download: About -- “Strike You As The Enemy” MP3
Download: About -- “Think Niles Drink” video (MP4)

Jason Forrest (AKA Donna Summer) has a pretty fantastic record label with a pretty fantastic name: Cock Rock Disco. One of the newest artists on his roster is an amazing electro-pop artist from Amsterdam called About (real name: Rutger Hoedemaekers). The debut album, Bongo, is a smashed-up, joyous, hard-hitting collection of insane beats and even crazier hooks. This thing is a pop machine. It’s one of the catchiest and most interesting pop records of the year, electronic or otherwise. This record hooked me with one song ("Think Niles Drink"--see above), and I believe it will do the same with you. The video’s awesome, too.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In celebration of National Poetry Month!

Don't ask me...Google Images got me to this guy when I searched for "haiku." Apparently, it's a "neopet."

We have crafted some haikus based on some of our featured and favorite artists and their albums. Jon, Brandon, and myself did them. It's a 5 7 5 hammjamm:

Wes McDonald - 1:50 In The Furnace
From Birmingham he saunters
Bearing twangy hooks

Anti-Social Music and the Gena Rowlands Band - The Nitrate Hymnal
Avant-garde crooning
Meets wild chamber punks for gasp!
Opera that’s cool

Untied States - Retail Detail
Spooky, intense jamz
Crashing, smashing, engrossing
Beauty in the noise?

Hazard County Girls - Divine Armor
NOLA ladies rock
don't compare to L7 please
BC Rich with roses

Venice is Sinking - Sorry About The Flowers
Melancholic pop
Boy/girl vox, strings, strange tunings
Songs of place and pets

About - Bongo
Glitch-pop back again?
Cock Rock Disco never left,
Striking video, too.

13ghosts - Cicada
A B-Ham hammjamm:
Southern gothic tour de force
Rad Marley cover

Cinemechanica - The Martial Arts
Don’t call it math rock
But supernatural skill
Deft and face-melting

LYLAS - Lessons for Lovers
Learning love lessons
From colorful Western pop
Taught with mastery

Candy Bars - On Cutting Ti-Gers In Half and Understanding Narravation
Dark and melodic
Lovely harpsichord runs frame
From Tampa? That’s weird