Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In celebration of National Poetry Month!

Don't ask me...Google Images got me to this guy when I searched for "haiku." Apparently, it's a "neopet."

We have crafted some haikus based on some of our featured and favorite artists and their albums. Jon, Brandon, and myself did them. It's a 5 7 5 hammjamm:

Wes McDonald - 1:50 In The Furnace
From Birmingham he saunters
Bearing twangy hooks

Anti-Social Music and the Gena Rowlands Band - The Nitrate Hymnal
Avant-garde crooning
Meets wild chamber punks for gasp!
Opera that’s cool

Untied States - Retail Detail
Spooky, intense jamz
Crashing, smashing, engrossing
Beauty in the noise?

Hazard County Girls - Divine Armor
NOLA ladies rock
don't compare to L7 please
BC Rich with roses

Venice is Sinking - Sorry About The Flowers
Melancholic pop
Boy/girl vox, strings, strange tunings
Songs of place and pets

About - Bongo
Glitch-pop back again?
Cock Rock Disco never left,
Striking video, too.

13ghosts - Cicada
A B-Ham hammjamm:
Southern gothic tour de force
Rad Marley cover

Cinemechanica - The Martial Arts
Don’t call it math rock
But supernatural skill
Deft and face-melting

LYLAS - Lessons for Lovers
Learning love lessons
From colorful Western pop
Taught with mastery

Candy Bars - On Cutting Ti-Gers In Half and Understanding Narravation
Dark and melodic
Lovely harpsichord runs frame
From Tampa? That’s weird

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