Friday, April 07, 2006

Team Clermont's Song(s) of the Week 4/7/06: About

Photo by Benham Bornak

Download: About -- “Think Niles Drink” MP3
Download: About -- “Strike You As The Enemy” MP3
Download: About -- “Think Niles Drink” video (MP4)

Jason Forrest (AKA Donna Summer) has a pretty fantastic record label with a pretty fantastic name: Cock Rock Disco. One of the newest artists on his roster is an amazing electro-pop artist from Amsterdam called About (real name: Rutger Hoedemaekers). The debut album, Bongo, is a smashed-up, joyous, hard-hitting collection of insane beats and even crazier hooks. This thing is a pop machine. It’s one of the catchiest and most interesting pop records of the year, electronic or otherwise. This record hooked me with one song ("Think Niles Drink"--see above), and I believe it will do the same with you. The video’s awesome, too.

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