Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thee Moths!

Alex Botten = Thee Moths

Download: Thee Moths -- “Do Not Be Ashamed”

Download: Thee Moths -- “Awake! (Twenty Beats Mix)”

Download: Thee Moths -- “Land Ho!”

It’s hard to give you a sense of the entirety of Thee Moths’ new album Nature (out soon on the amazing Banazan Records) with just a few downloads, but I’ll try. It’s an album that’s equal parts man, nature, and machine. It’s buzzes, folk music, and found sound all rolled into one. It’s beautiful and warm and aggressive and distancing at once. Think Flying Saucer Attack, Charlie Tweddle, and the Microphones taking laptops into the woods together for a hammjamm. I think that Alex Botten (Thee Moths' leader) explores the same territory that Grandaddy does--the intersection of nature and technology--but does it more through his music than his lyrics. It's compelling stuff, with layers of sonorous melodies buried beneath the tics and pops.

Another one-man hammjamm brought to you by Team Clermont!

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