Monday, May 08, 2006


I just wanted to go on record here and say that I love MSG and MSG-flavored Chinese food. Chinese food without it is supposedly healthier (though no proof of MSG-related illness exists beyond anecdotal evidence), but tastes way crappier to me. I'm glad to see MSG is making a comeback and is now associated with the fifth taste, Umami, which just might be my favorite of the tastes. Hell, I might even pick up some Ac'cent later!

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jonpolk said...

Maybe you can use it on your 'fourth meal', which quite frankly is the most awesome advertising campaign in history. Can you imagine the high-fives and dollar signs that flashed around the board meeting when some young buck ad exec came up with that? I mean c'mon, they're doing nothing less than trying to convince us that there's a new meal...genius. Sell my drunken/stoned late-night binging to me as a 'square-meal'.