Friday, May 12, 2006

Venice is Sinking

Download: Venice is Sinking - 'Pulaski Heights'
Download: Venice is Sinking - 'Undecided'
Download: Venice is Sinking - 'Good Feeling' (live at the Caledonia Lounge)

Some little known facts about Athens GA's own Venice is Sinking, the type of info that you can only get from the knowledgeable hands of The 'Cropper....

Daniel: fears all legumes
Karolyn: is now certified for 'scuba'
Steve: passable free-style rapper
James: is not afraid to eat a pizza with ranch dressing instead of sauce
Lucas: finds Ghostbusters to be the height of humanity's artistic endeavors

Venice is Sinking as a band really likes Velvet Doodles; they like to color them as they cruise the highways of the Southeast doing the 'Baptist Bump'.

Some other little known info regarding Venice is Sinking, they're touring the heck out of these Eastern/Midwestern United States this May. So, check them out at any one (or more) of these fine venue/cities. Why not bring the band a velvet doodle to let'm know that you appreciate them, and, hey, tell them The 'Cropper sent ya!

Venice is Sinking - Tourathon 2006!

5/12 - Tasty World - Athens, GA
5/18 - Wetlands Dancehall - Chapel Hill, NC
5/19 - The Rudyard Kipling - Louisville, KY
5/20 - Big Car - Indianapolis, IN
5/21 - The Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN
5/22 - Shipwreck Music – Grand Rapids, MI
5/23 - The Heartland CafĂ© – Chicago, IL
5/24 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA
5/25 - Pianos – New York City
5/26 - Kennedy Center—Millenium Stage – Washington, DC
5/27 - The Map Room - Charleston, SC
5/28 - The Art Bar - Columbia, SC

Also, you know the hip blogs these days, well, they're all about a 'contest', and while The 'Cropper can't come up with any schwag from, say, Jenny Lewis or The Streets, but we can certainly hook it up with some Venice is Sinking goodies. Actually, we can get even more specific than that, and swing some 'Lucas Jensen paraphanalia' your way. In keeping with my desire to have an ever more interactive blog, I put it to you dear readers, what should the 'prize' be in our Lucas Jensen contest? C'mon we're talking about the one and only (for now) drummer of Venice is Sinking. Leave your prize suggestions in the comments section. Lucas has already told me that he'll do 'anything'....

*band photo by Courtnie Wolfgang


like a eagle said...

Perhaps a coupon for one free Hammjamm?

Nate said...

holy conflict of interest!

anyway, I recommend big gray tshirt #3 as a tasty prize and an incredibly investment.

jonpolk said...

conflict of interest??? we prefer 'concert' of interest...

Anonymous said...

How about that coveted bag of "barbquein' with my honey" potato chips with Lil' Bow Bow on the bag? That'd make a really nice prize.

jonpolk said...

ooooh, you mean the 'rap snacks'? that's a fantastic idea. anonymous step forward to claim your prize.