Friday, June 16, 2006

beck revisited

now i know beck was sooo 2 days ago; but i was hungover and trapped at a pool party all day yesterday, so i wasn't able to announce my new social status of "famous by association" and flaunt this fantastic photo of jamie lidell and me. i attacked the poor man with inebriated flattery and made him pose for no fewer than 12 photos with me, all while i profusely apologized for the lack of flash, which in my somewhat impaired mental state made the photos "unofficial." my god can that boy sing. wedding invitations to follow.

jon polk also has a claim to "famous by association" to beck himself:

unfortunately, my photoshop training is on the second grade level, so you may have to zoom to appreciate the scope of jon's fame [read: see beck's hat.] i tell you, the clermonsters are racing to the top of the celebrity totem poll.

i know drew has already posted that the $40 show left much to be desired, but i disagree. maybe it was the quart-sized servings of beer as big as my head. maybe because the opener blew me away. maybe itwas the puppetry arts. or maybe, just maybe, it was the free aftershow at the georgia bar (seen in the photo above that secure's jon's spot on the a-list) where beck played another hour and a half in a random dive.

yeah, it was probably the puppets:

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