Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Bleachers!

Download: The Bleachers -- “Suitcase B” MP3

Download: The Bleachers -- “Don’t Make No Roads” MP3

Download: The Bleachers -- “Poltergeist” MP3

From the tourist-ridden streets of Las Vegas come the Bleachers, who are way, way better than the Killers. Their new record, Suspicion, is nifty, but a little hard to describe. I hear a few things going on here. First, a healthy obsession with the high points of the 80s IRS Records output, that sort of dark jangly REM or Gun Club sound. Also, I note a bit of the great early Internal Wrangler-era Clinic stuff. Spooky! But it can be absolutely beautiful (if still a little edgy!), as evidenced by "Don't Make No Roads".

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