Wednesday, June 21, 2006

He poos clouds.

Download: Final Fantasy -- "Arctic Circle"
Download: Final Fantasy -- "Song Song Song"
Download: Final Fantasy -- "This Lamb Sells Condos"

How come we've gone so long without posting about Final Fantasy? Probably because we are idiots. Let's run through the talking points, shall we?
  • The album is called He Poos Clouds. I mean, that's awesome.
  • Owen Pallett has red hair.
  • His photos are funny.
  • He likes Choose Your Own Adventure books that are played with dice.
  • My wife thinks he is cute.
He's also involved with some band called the Arcade Fire and likes D&D and named after some video games and blah blah blah, but who cares about that stuff? What you should know about Owen Pallett is that the guy is a serious visionary, which He Poos Clouds clearly demonstrates. I mean, for real, how many folks are releasing albums of string quartet, piano, and voice? Take that, Bjork!

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like a eagle said...

it's true...this record is quite nice....
lucas, you've been telling the truth for months....