Saturday, June 17, 2006

Iron Hero--Safe As Houses!

Download: Iron Hero – “Wearing a Wire”
Download: Iron Hero – “Pilot”

First off, let me say that Iron Hero lead singer Sam Gunn has a great alternate moniker: U.S. Gunn. He should really be a superhero like Captain America. Sam is also one of the nicest fellows I know, so that helps him in his quest for superherodom (hitherfore unknown even to him.

But on to Iron Hero the band. Their bassist, Ben, described the band as "shoegaze for joggers," and that's got to be one of the best band-created blurbs I've ever read. It's hypnotic drone-y two-drummer rhythmic atmospheric pop from one of Athens' most prodigiously talented bands. Iron Hero's first album, Safe As Houses was produced by Josh McKay from the dearly departed Macha. This is one gorgeous record! It's slightly melancholic and minor-keyed, and it's all driven with a focused energy, which is surprising coming from a sextet.

Another sterling new Athens act brought to you by the overeaters at Team Clermont.

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