Friday, June 30, 2006

Let's give it up for Red Pandas

Wow. That's cute. I don't think that most people know that pandas are more related to raccoons than bears. Their cousins, the Red Pandas, are pretty awesome. Look at that guy with the tongue! To celebrate, I am offering up an MP3 of Bang On A Can. Why? Because I can? Get it? Hahahaha. Download below:

A Ballad For Many

Download Bang on A Can and Don Byron--"Eugene II" (MP3, 192kbps)
Want another download? Why not? Check it:


Download Summer Hymns--"Wet Mess"
Okay. So I just heard the new Summer Hymns record, coming out on Misra this Fall, and it's fantastic. It's classic Summer Hymns, but it also seems like something of a reinvention. More on it later. "Wet Mess" (ew!) is one of the best songs from 2003's Clemency.

This post is completely random, I know. I ain't sorry.

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