Friday, June 09, 2006


Download: Snowglobe -- “Rainbow” MP3
Download: Snowglobe -- “Dry” MP3
Download: Snowglobe -- “At Times A Nightmare” MP3

These three tracks come from the new Snowglobe record, Oxytocin, which is actually the first in a projected series of five albums mostly written by the individual members of Snowglobe. This one’s by co-frontman Brad Postlethwaite and it’s pretty fantastic. Whether the band actually releases all five records remains to be seen, but this one’s a great start. E6-y pop with a heavy influence of The Band and maybe even ELO or Leonard Cohen’s Death of a Ladies Man.
A short polypeptide hormone that is released from the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland and stimulates the contraction of smooth muscle of the uterus during labor and facilitates release of milk from the breast during nursing.
I'm not really what the songs have to do with oxytocin itself, but that's what happens when a med student makes a record, I guess. There's a push-and-pull of contradictory emotions about love on this record: the brightest songs are often the darkest lyrically. It's like telling someone to @#$% off with a smile on your face.


Anonymous said...

You should post that "Happy" song.
--Team Brown

Team Clermont Lucas said...

I would like to, but this is the hand I've been dealt.