Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Scourge of the Sea!

Not the band.

Download: The Scourge of the Sea – “Out Of The Trash” MP3
Download: The Scourge of the Sea – “Waterwings” MP3
Download: The Scourge of the Sea – “Smitten Kitten” MP3

From Lexington, KY’s finest, The Apparitions, comes Lexington, KY’s other finest, The Scourge of the Sea, a band that’s drawn comparisons to everything from Jackson Browne to the Softies, which ain’t altogether off the mark, in a strange way. Man, with Midlake's new album and this, I'd say that CSNY/Jackson Browne/Fleetwood Mac harmony-driven 70s rock is back in a big way. I'm all for it! TSotS's new album, Make Me Armored, is delightfully untrendy bucolic folk-pop that’ll break your heart but let you down easy. What a find! This release also marks the welcome resurrection of Alias Records, back after nearly a decade!

Man..."Water Wings" is a killer song!

Another hot piece of Kentucky gold brought to you by Team Clermont.

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