Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Soul President!

According to Google Images, THIS is the Soul President.

Download: Soul President -- "Got To Have It"

Thomas at hipped me to this track, from the Numero Group's new Eccentric Soul CD. Apparently, you could just walk in off the street and jam with the Big Mack label house band for $14.95. Man, if I could just jump in a time machine and lay down some tracks! Listen to that funky-ass steel drum track and those slightly rudderless guitars!

I had a dream recently where I wrote a song called "Ham Potato". The lyrics went like this:
Ham potato!
Ham potato!
Gonna be a tornado!
Ham potato!
I think I just wrote my first #1. Call me the Soul Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Is that JAWS?

Team Clermont Lucas said...

JAWS? You mean from James Bond? Nah. Don't know who it is...

Anonymous said...

Nope; this dude: