Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Team Clermont Summer Festival lineup announced!

We here at Team Clermont are pleased as punch to announce the dates and lineup for our annual Summer Festival and Blue Ribbon Ball, marking the ninth year (!) of our company’s operation. The Summer Festival celebration is a music festival that showcases artists on Team Clermont’s client roster, both national and local, over the course of three nights. The last night of the festival, The Blue Ribbon Ball, is affectionately known as “The Prom,” and typically includes a featured artist doing cover songs and originals in the manner of the proverbial, slightly cheesy “prom band.”

This year’s “prom band” is none other than Athens’ own Elf Power! One of the longest-running and most active members of the Elephant 6 Collective, Elf Power has just released its critically acclaimed new album, Back to the Web, on Rykodisc Records. Also performing will be Man Man, John Roderick (from the Long Winters), White Whale, Now It’s Overhead, LYLAS, Iron Hero, Modern Skirts, and Dark Meat.

Previous Team Clermont Summer Festival performers have included Danger Mouse, The Wrens, Of Montreal, The Mountain Goats, The Starlight Mints, John Vanderslice, Phosphorescent, De Novo Dahl, The Polyphonic Spree, Trans Am, Songs: Ohia, Man…or Astroman, Enon, Idaho, Eleni Mandell, Snowglobe, Radar Bros., and the Rosebuds.

The Blue Ribbon Ball, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, is an actual prom-like event with photographs, balloons, spiked punch, and the aforementioned prom band. This year’s Blue Ribbon Ball will feature a Wild West theme. Also planned for the Summer Festival is the annual W’s vs. K’s Radio Station Kickball Showdown, sponsored by Merge Records. Last year, the event drew nearly 50 competitors and a thrilling K’s comeback. The K stations look to defend their title this year.

The schedule is as follows (all times subject to change):

Thursday, August 3rd—40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
Modern Skirts—One of Athens’ most popular new bands, the Modern Skirts are piano-pop dynamos, equal parts Beach Boys, Ben Folds, and Joe Jackson with transcendent harmony skills. Paste Magazine says: “The Modern Skirts make crafting unforgettable pop seem as easy as a 25-piece Winnie the Pooh puzzle.”

Download: Modern Skirts – “New York Song” MP3

Now It’s Overheard—Saddle Creek artist Now It’s Overhead is led by Athens’ ace engineer Andy Lemaster (Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, pacificUV), a master of gorgeous melancholy. His new album, Day Light Daybreak, was recorded with the help on long-time compatriots Orenda Fink (Azure Ray), Maria Taylor (Azure Ray), and Clay Leverett (Lona).

Download: Now It’s Overhead—“Wonderful Scar” MP3

Iron Hero—This six-piece Athens-based rock band plays “shoegaze for joggers,” rhythm-heavy epics heavy on ambience and intricacy. Josh McKay from Macha produced the band’s sterling debut, Safe As Houses.

Download: Iron Hero—“Pilot” MP3

LYLAS—One of Nashville’s many rising indie stars, LYLAS plays out-of-time Cole Porter meets Donovan chamber-pop that is almost too intricate and well-written to be called rock and roll but too sly to be anything else. This band’s debut album, Lessons for Lovers, has been steadily building buzz all year.

Download: LYLAS--“His Master’s Merriment” MP3

Friday, August 4th—40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
Man Man—The Philly band that Pitchfork called America’s most underrated live band will be bringing their ramshackle Beefheart maraca-ed brilliance to Athens. Not to be missed. “There is vintage violence afoot, with sub-tone saxomoans and unmerry marimbas, speaking-in-tongues sing-songy vocals and garbled guitars all burping out a sloppy yet beautiful noise.” -- New York Press

Download: Man Man—“10 lb. Moustache” MP3

Dark Meat—A perfect compliment to Man Man’s live show, the 18 person-plus Dark Meat collective (full name: Dark Meat Vomit Lasers Family Band) comes off like CCR and Neil Young joining the circus on a mescaline bender. Horns, pots, pans, strings, two drummers, and lots of face paint. Featuring members of (are you ready for this?) Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, Circulatory System, Vicariously Through Cats, We Versus The Shark, Col. Knowledge and the Lickety-Splits, Hope For Agoldensummer, Venice is Sinking, the Ginger Envelope, Ceramic Dvck, among many, many others. Album coming soon on Cloud Recordings, home of Olivia Tremor Control and the Tall Dwarfs.

Download: Dark Meat—“Dead Man” MP3

White Whale—Merge Records’ newest sure-fire hitmakers, Lawrence, Kanas-based White Whale features Matt Suggs (of Butterglory fame) and a former member of the Get-Up Kids. Epic pop songs that recall the swing-for-the-fences aspects of Lieber-Stoller mixed with fellow travelers Secret Machines and Okkervil River.

Download: White Whale—“The Admiral” MP3

Saturday, August 5th—Kickball Tournament (sponsored by Merge Records)
Annual W’s vs. K’s Radio Station Kickball Tournament—Last year’s game brought sweat, tears, blood, sweat, the thrill of victory, the soul-punishing agony of defeat, and more sweat. Over 50 college radio station and record label types participated in a kickball game of epic proportions. This year’s event should surpass all other kickball games played ever. The K’s are anxious to defend their crown!

Saturday, August 5th—Happy Hour sponsored by Barsuk Records—the Go! Bar, Athens, GA
John Roderick of the Long Winters—A special solo performance in an intimate setting from one of indie rock’s most distinctive voices. This will be a Happy Hour warm-up for “The Prom” to come. Alaska-raised Roderick’s wistful pop songs are marvels of catchiness and emotional complexity. Roderick will be playing songs from the forthcoming Long Winters LP, Putting the Days to Bed.

Download: The Long Winters—“Pushover” MP3 (from Putting the Days to Bed)

Saturday, August 5th—Blue Ribbon Ball—40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
The 9th Annual Blue Ribbon Ball featuring Elf Power—Elephant 6 mainstays Elf Power will do a mixture of covers and originals as guests at the prom will gadabout in their finest Wild West attire! The prom will feature decorations, photos, refreshments, secretive makeout sessions, too-close dancing, and plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon. The yearly highlight of the Athens social calendar! Elf Power is known for its stellar covers, so it should be a real treat for all!

Download: Elf Power—“An Old Familiar Scene” MP3

Ticket information is as follows:
Thurs: $5 advance, $6 at door
Fri: $5 advance, $6 at door
Sat/Go! Bar: Free
Sat/Prom: $12 advance, or $20 for all 3 nights.

Email me (lucas [at] team clermont [dot] com) for more info!

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