Friday, June 09, 2006

Venice is Sinking Contest Winner!

Lil' Romeo says "stay in school."

That's right, Anonymous! You're the winner! For some of you less hooked on the semi-regular nectar that is The Cropper's missives you might be saying, "jonpolk, what the hell are you talking about? Winner of what?" Well, Dear Reader, almost a month ago, on May 12th, we announced our first official Cropper contest for Venice is Sinking. To be more exact, I promised the winner some 'Lucas Jensen paraphanelia'. The winner would be the reader that suggested the best prize, and although there was some pretty stiff competition, utlimately, an anonymous reader with chillingly detailed knowledge of the Team Clermont Publicity offices won with his/her/its suggestion of Lucas's prized bag of Lil' Romeo's Bar-b-quin' with my honey Chips, brought to you by Rap Snacks, the official snack of hip-hop. So, without further ado, Snonomyous, step forth to claim your flavoricious prize.

And let this serve as notice to certain critics out there, The 'Cropper, unlike Stephen Merritt and others, can never be accused of serving only the indierock establishment.


Anonymous said...

I won the Chips!!!

How shall I claim my prize???

jonpolk said...

well, anonymous (if that is your real name) you'll have to reveal your true identity I'm afraid, and we'll see where things go from there. Congrats, winner!

Anonymous said...

I'm a winner!
And I've been wanting to break into those chips for like a year and a half!!

jonpolk said...

tots, glad the 'cropper could make all your wildest dreams come true!

bill said...

i like team clermont

Anonymous said...

sure could use some rap-snacks right about now