Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Erasing Clouds

Dave Heaton, over at the always enlightening Erasing Clouds, is working on an interesting feature. He's got 100 musicians answering the same 10 questions, which we find to be a worthwhile endeavor for several reasons. The first, and most important, is that Dave's got a keen ear for good music, and is committed to writing about interesting musicians that are truly flying below most people's radar. This feature is a fantastic way to find contemporary bands making vital sounds now. Second, it's a novel idea. While asking musicians these types of questions isn't anything new, I've yet to see someone subject so many artists to the exact same interview and post their responses together, one after the other. I've been interested, in reading the responses, to see where the musicians answers diverge and converge, and have been surprised to find similarities in people I wouldn't have expected and differences in bands I thought were fairly comparable. Finally, the drone/ambient fan in me thinks it's really cool the way these differences and discrepancies arise out of repetition. As of now, he's up to 25. Oh yeah, you'll also find more than a few Team C. artists there too!

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