Thursday, July 27, 2006

Geoff Reacher

Download: Geoff Reacher -- "Death Is The Trump Card"
Download: Geoff Reacher -- "You Like My Song"
Download: Geoff Reacher -- "Snarling Wheels Of Sin"

We here at The 'Cropper have been fans of Mr. Reacher for quite some time. Matter of fact, I think we can boldly proclaim that he's our favorite one-man band in Athens, hands down. In addition to being an all around good guy, Geoff manages to provide a consistently engaging live performance, all by himself, every time he takes the stage. He loops guitars, samples, and vocals all through some sort of foot pedal withcraftery to create a hazy, laid-back Summer swarm of sounds that fits the South like a glove. Place seems important to Geoff's music, and he draws in, and incorporates, the country, blues, and hip-hop traditions he's grown up around in a way that's honest and free of irony.

Lately, I've been hearing a level of pychedelia in his upcoming release, Avec Reacher C'est Plus Sur, that had hitherto been hidden from me. The tracks bleed seamlessly into one another via various electronic manipulations and beat syncopations care of Geoff and his studio compatriot, Chris Bishop of Radium Recordings. The album will be released on August 22nd by Orange Twin Records. Pick it up, we promise you won't regret it.

The first song we're offering up today isn't actually on the ARCPS, but hey, that's what you come to the blogs for, the juicy unreleased bits, right? There's also a pretty sweet Iron Maiden reference, which I'm always down for. And, I've got to add, have you people checked out what Bruce Dickinson's been up to lately? Crazy

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