Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ho-Ag: The Word from Pluto

Download: Ho-Ag – “Into The River” MP3

Dang, Ho-Ag! You so crazy!

It's understandable that Allston, MA's Ho-Ag, newly signed to the consistently stellar Hello Sir Records, has been known to play full-on Devo cover sets. This isn't to say that Ho-Ag rips off Devo wholesale or anything. Far from it! What they take from Devo--particularly the earlier, better stuff--is that adventurous spirit, that limitless energy and thirst for innovation that so energized their Akron godfathers.

Ho-Ag is known for insane, raucous live shows, but the records are no slouches either. The band specializes in a synth-inflected danceable proto-punk that’s always folding in on itself, twisting, turning, and colliding with boundless enthusiasm. It's something to behold, a party for your head, your heart, and your moneymaker!

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