Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Other News: The Sky is Blue

Okay, seriously, good for him. I always thought Lance was the cute one and now i know why, we had a secret bond. I think it's a liitle sad that he felt that his loving another dude would have been the ultimate downfall of n'sync, i mean, if JT's shitty fro couldn't do it, surely some schooling from The Church of Man Love couldn't have hurt.

In other exciting Man-On-Man news, the Finalists for The Mr. Gay International Competition have been announced. Personally I think it's Mr. Gay Columbia's year. But I'm pretty excited to see the heated battle between Mr. Gay Israel and Mr. Gay Lebanon! For these two, it's more than just who has the hardest abs! Although, I wouldn't be surprised if there was upset by...Mr. Gay Vatican City ?! WTF? Does the Pope know about this?

1 comment:

jonpolk said...

What a bunch of nonsense...there's not a single otter finalist. Word on the street is they're big these days