Friday, July 07, 2006

Me and Mr. P #1

Recently, I did an IMing with the Stars with Marvin Lin/Mr. P from Tiny Mix Tapes, and we enjoyed it so much that we are starting a semi-regular feature called Me and Mr. P, wherein me and Mr. P will discuss whatever we want to for five minutes and five minutes only. The first edition finds us talking about Nigel Godrich, Pavement, and a Sufjan Stevens press release! If that doesn't spell excitement, well, then I don't know what does! Enjoy!

Me: so what have you been up to, Mr. P?
Mr. P: listening to thom yorke's "solo" lp
Me: what do you think about it?
Mr. P: i'm writing the review for it
Mr. P: i'm still trying to gather my thoughts on it to be honest
Me: yeah
Mr. P: have you heard it?
Me: I thought it sounded a little blah to be quite honest
Me: like Kid A b-sides
Mr. P: yeah, that was my initial impressions, but i'm trying to give it more time to breathe
Me: or even worse Amnesiac b-sides
Me: someone told me I need to pay more attention to it
Mr. P: but really, i don't know... seems like nigel pushed thom in the wrong direction
Mr. P: i'm not a fan of nigel's production
Me: really?
Me: I love those Beck records
Me: I guess I'm in the minority
Mr. P: he's really good at what he does, but hate the way his drums sound.
Me: I love OK Computer
Mr. P: i love love ok computer's sound
Me: really? I love the cut-up stuff on OK Computer
Mr. P: i just think he's going downhill since then
Me: that record still sounds vital to me
Me: ha
Me: I didn't like Terror Twilight
Mr. P: on The Eraser, he absolutely refused to put more reverb on thom's voice, even at his request
Me: Nigel brought nothing to the table for Pavement
Mr. P: yeah. it's a great album, but sounds too compressed
Me: which one again?
Mr. P: terror twilight
Me: aha
Me: I think they got too good at their instruments!
Mr. P: haha
Me: seriously, by the last tour, Malkmus was soloing like the Allmans and chewing gum the whole time
Me: real lackadaisical
Mr. P: and looking beautiful doing it
Me: he is a sexy man
Me: my wife likes him
Mr. P: you're married!!!
Me: yeah...did I not tell you that?
Mr. P: i don't think so
Me: I'm 31, dude
Mr. P: good thing we're doing these interviews
Me: I'm old and in the way
Me: why?
Mr. P: now i konw you're not available
Me: yep...I'm a kept man
Mr. P: sufjan just announced tourdates. i bet all the blogs and pitchfork will be updating the site soon now
Me: hahaha
Mr. P: just watch!!
Me: are you guys on it!
Me: ?
Mr. P: it happened like a second ago
Mr. P: maybe i should just post the press release. TMT exclusive baby!
Me: go to it, man!
Me: our five minutes are up!

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