Friday, July 21, 2006

Me and Mr. P #2

This is the second conversation with Tiny Mix Tapes' Mr. P, wherein we discuss copyright law, the bank, and not much else. You don't want to miss a drop!

Me: so what have you been up to?
Me: I've been watching my caloric intake
Mr. P: i just got back from the bank
Me: you are skinny, so you don't have to worry
Me: I love banking
Mr. P: yeah, banking is terrific!
Me: I love talking to tellers and stuff
Mr. P: i went to boston this past weekend, which was fun
Me: I know all of their names
Me: what was going down in Beantown?
Mr. P: mainly a wedding
Me: aha
Me: who got married?
Mr. P: i was looking for some good record stores
Mr. P: my cousin
Me: cool
Me: kissing cousin?
Mr. P: how's the PR world?
Me: pretty good
Mr. P: you should quit and join tmt. get the big bucks.
Me: oh yeah
Me: the big negative bucks
Mr. P: then you get to go to the bank all the time, like me
Me: hell, I could buy the bank
Me: with the kind of money you make
Me: what are the hot new jamz at Tiny Mix Tapes
Me: ?
Mr. P: hmmmMMMMMmmm
Mr. P: girl talk is the hyped album of the week it seems.
Mr. P: i have yet to hear it though
Me: yeah
Me: me, too
Me: I haven't heard it
Mr. P: sounds interesting though
Me: everyone says good things
Mr. P: kinda like John Oswald meets the Avalanches maybe?
Mr. P: i love the idea of appropriating sounds, so this'll be interesting
Me: interesting concept, though I'm not as anti-copyright as everyone else
Me: I think that artists deserve fair compensation for their work
Mr. P: i'm not anti-copyright, per se, but it's nice that people are dealing with the question of who OWNS the music, and what is deemed fair compensation
Me: and I believe in protection of intellectual property rights, but I also think that most artists (like me and my band) would love to be sampled on a Girl Talk record
Me: yeah
Me: good point
Mr. P: yeah, that's what i was going to say too, that some bands would love to be sampled
Me: I wouldn't care if we made zero dollars. It would be awesome
Me: well, maybe I'd like to make something
Me: heh
Mr. P: yeah, i think we're in an interesting transition point in music right now, so it's fun to try to keep tabs on the industry
Mr. P: which is why we post so many RIAA stories.
Mr. P: i'm sure people get sick of them, but at least in my opinion and in the opinion of a lot of TMTers, this is REAL NEWS. i mean, tourdates are good and all, but i'm more concerned with the industry at the moment
Me: yeah
Me: my least favorite type of story is so-and-so announces tracklisting!
Me: gag
Me: I mean, is that really news? To some people, it is, but not me
Mr. P: haha, i know what you mean. i never really understood the excitement. i mean, on those lines, it's be more newsworthy to say an album leaked on the internet
Mr. P: i can't see people giving a shit about tracklists. they want to know when it'll be leaked or a release date or something
Me: yeah
Me: only Morrissey tracklists are good.
Mr. P: who knows.. it could become more imporatant in the future. radiohead fans know all the unreleased ones so well that it could be exciting to see a final tracklisting for a new album
Me: yeah, I guess
Me: not a bad point
Me: I still say it's lame.
Me: ha!
Me: interview over!
Mr. P: i agree
Mr. P: no, it's STILL ON until i say it's over!!!
Me: I have to go to the bank
Mr. P: deposit your allowance from grandma?
Me: yeah


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