Monday, July 17, 2006

We vibrate, we do!

This is a good press photo.

So Many Dynamos—“Search Party” MP3
Download: So Many Dynamos—“In Every Direction” MP3
Download: So Many Dynamos—“In Our Sleep” MP3

I can't get enough of So Many Dynamos! Fresh off a semi-successful attempt to tour all of the contiguous 48 states (they missed a few, okay?) and write-ups in SPIN Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Music for Robots, and more, this Missouri/Illinois/whatever dance-punk combo has come back with a monster of a record called Flashlights, complete with daring new additions like a choir and a horn section. This is maturity at its best, where seriousness doesn't mean a lack of fun or energy. If anything, the newfangled production and that insane-ass drummer up the ante by 100%. I hear that this band, in its solo or Emperor X-backing capacity, is not to be missed live. Sad that I haven't had a chance to experience that yet. I believe you have just found some new summer jamz!

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