Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Barton Carroll comes a cropper!

Barton Carroll—“Scorched Earth” MP3
Download: Barton Carroll—“Your Name Must Be Mercy” MP3
Download: Barton Carroll—“Small Thing” MP3

Another record from a Crooked Fingers alum and denizen of Seattle (see Trentalange below!), Barton Carroll's Love and War is a stirring, austere collection of whiskey-soaked Appalachia that also gives a hat tip to the British folk scene of the early 70s (Richard Thompson in particular), Townes Van Zandt, and more recent vulnerable troubadours and revivalists like Gillian Welch and Richard Buckner. This is the kind of music that gives it self to you slowly, almost hyper-aware of how unprotected its emotions are, afraid to pile on all at once. In addition to work with Crooked Fingers, Carroll also is a member of Micah P. Hinson's band. From the increasingly excellent Skybucket Records (13ghosts, Dexateens, Wes McDonald).

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